YMCA Edinburgh are in the second year of their commitment to help #keepthepromise. Following reports from the independent care review and supported by The Corra Foundation and The Promise Scotland we are on a journey of reflection, learning and service adaption to impact change in policy, practice and culture for both YMCA Edinburgh and others who are involved in the lives of children and young people. 

In year 1 YMCA Edinburgh focused on the foundations of The Promise Scotland, including training in trauma-enhanced practice for all staff, aligning our systems in a whole family support approach and understanding how we can deliver our work in a rights-based approach.

Now into Year 2 we are committed to hearing from those we connect with to elevate their voices and shape both our services and the wider services and decision makers in our community and across Scotland. 

Responding to the needs of families we connect with, we are excited to introduce a support and engagement worker to the organisation. Someone who can both offer practical support and signposting to families, as well as gather their experiences and views to shape our work and elevate learnings wider. 

As an organisation that directly supports care experienced people, we want to help ensure and contribute to the promise made to care experienced infants, children, young people, adults and their families- that every child in Scotland grows up loved, safe and respected, able to realise their full potential.